And the Winners Are …


We had a wonderful time last weekend.  We had some fun activities, great food, fast internet and 8 ideas that will be coming soon to the internet and mobile devices near you.

The ideas presented were: (current sites are in various stages of functionality)

  • National Parks Digital Ranger-Digital Ranger strives to offer relevant, timely, and location-aware information regarding the United States’ National Parks.
  • PediaPrep-PediaPrep is a web service that allows dentists to create customized videos to promote their dental office and also help prepare children for their dental visit by walking them through the processes and procedures that occur during their visit in very simple and easy to understand terms and using illustrated characters so “guide” them through the visit.
  • ShovelHappy-ShovelHappy is a nonprofit organization designed to synchronize people who want to serve with people who need service.
  • RecLynx-Outdoor recreation connection website.
  • Rumple– A new spin on sales management. An account management tool that is simple, efficient and motivating.
  • YourHealthTracker – Provide accountability software for integrative doctors and their patients.
  • NotifyBuy-We set out to create a frictionless service to help alleviate a common time consumer, searching for a deal. We modeled a service that provides a low effort convenience that should produce steady revenue through volume use and ads. searches classifieds for what you want while you get on with what you want.
  • planning website

As for winners we had a great go of it and our winners were:

  1. Rumple
  2. NotifyBuy
  3. National Parks Digital Ranger

The full presentation and other parts of the event can be seen through our stream recordings.